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It is our vision to be the lead partner in creating and commercializing robots for end-users, partners and robotic communities – worldwide.It inspires us.



It is our vision to be the lead partner in creating and commercializing robots for end-users, partners and robotic communities – worldwide. It inspires us.It motivates us – to be at the forefront of the robot technological development as we create robots that improve quality-of-life, working environments and productivity.

Your benefit is our gain. If you are succesful, we are successful. We partner up in Robotx and apply robot technology to create solutions and business in partnerships.

Innovative Robot Solutions

Solutions. That is what we create. We not only create robot technology - we develop purpose-built solutions to scalable needs so that your business and work environment is optimized.

Become a Partner with Us

you will be a partner by investing in us. You will win with our innovative works.Continue winning with Robotx.

We are the leading accelerator for bringing emerging robot technology to the market.

Together we disrupt industries with innovative robotic
applications that move businesses and humans.

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Zeno and Nao – two humanoid robots

The two humanoid robots, Nao and Zeno, which are implemented in the ROBOT AUTOMATION Office “lives” in the children homes, which is the same as a kindergarten.

A short characteristic of a humanoid robot is that it looks like a human with legs and arms and a head. Most humanoid robots are designed to imitate the human rhetoric around the eyes and the mouth.

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Roberta takes care of the garbage at Danish nursing home

At the Danish nursing home, Engparken, in Brande, the autonomous mobile robot, Roberta, is driving around, collecting garbage on its way. The robotic solution has resulted in a more efficient use of resources and a better environment for the employees and residents.

One of the daily tasks involves emptying garbage cans from the different departments. If the garbage cans are not emptied regularly, odor emissions will occur but it takes time and use of resources to empty the garbage cans several times a day.

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Robot Automation LTD enters Asian market with Singapore-based Joint Venture

Robot Automation LTD opens Joint Venture office in Singapore and brings its “We Create and Commercialize Robots” business to the fast-moving and rapidly growing Asian market.

Robot Automation LTD is excited to bring not just new technology but a new partnership model to the market. We co-create robots in close partnership with end-users and market leading companies.

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England-German partnership sets the runway for European drone development

ROBOT AUTOMATION LTD partners up with German drone specialists Marius Schröder and Benjamin Wiens in founding the drone company Third Element Aviation GmbH. The goal is to enable customers access to development and commercialization of new drone applications that match market demands.

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Multi-Tower Robot will increase quality of care

In a new PPP collaboration between University Hospitals and ROBOT AUTOMATION LTD an innovative patient-lifting robot is developed to perform gentle and effortless transfers of patients without the use of fixed overhead lifts.

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